Teaching programs with flight and aviation is being developed and will be coordinated by Newton Bodø. Newton Bodø is owned by The municipality of Bodø and Nordland County municipality.  

About Newton:  

Varied teaching methods are in Newton widely used in order to meet the different learning styles of individual students. The Newton rooms provides great possibilities for differentiating the teaching to individual needs.

The Newton network will get access to quality assured Newton modules developed and tested by other Newton teachers, which gives a great opportunity to share ideas, best practices, educational programs and to learn from others.

All students visiting a Newton room will be met by a professional, highly trained and enthusiastic Newton teacher. The interior and settings in the Newton room, is facilitated to meet the needs of varied learning methods and practical activities. 

The Newton concept is a:

  • Network of state-of the art science classrooms
  • Network of engaged and highly competent teachers
  • Network of schools focusing on high quality STEM education - an infrastructure and framework for development, distribution and sharing of quality assured STEM educational teaching modules linked to the national curriculum
  • A valued addition to the increased focus on theoretical education in schools
  • Way of preparing the younger generation for the major global challenges the world are facing in the future 

For more information: newton.no