The Newton Flight Academy is a collaboration between the non profit foundation FIRST Scandinavia and The Norwegian Aviation Museum.


FIRST Scandinavia

FIRST Scandinavia, founded in 2000, owns and operates the concepts FIRST LEGO League (FLL) and Newton in Scandinavia. We started the development of the Newton Concept in 2005. Today we operate 30 Newton rooms, and another three are in progress in Norway. FIRST Scandinavia is the official owner of the Newton trademark and is responsible for operating and building the national and international Newton network. The first Newton room outside Norway was opened December 2015 in Denmark in collaboration with Boeing.

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The Norwegian Aviation Museum

The Norwegian Aviation Museum is the Norwegian national museum of aviation. It is a result of a cooperation between The Norwegian Aviation Museum, the Norwegian Air Force Museum and the AVINOR Museum. The museum is located in Bodø, North Norway and opened to the public in 1994. The museum welcomes approximately 45,000 visitors annually. The Norwegian Aviation Museum is both nationally and internationally recognized for its extensive research, collection, and preservation work. The exhibition has a total of 18,000 pieces, including 34 planes, in addition to archive, photography and other documentation.

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